Integrated Web Campaign

Ok, all you Digital Marketing gurus, Product Managers and Campaign Managers take heed. An integrated campaign means that all e-vehicles ( excluding TV, Radio, mail, etc) will be used for a specific product campaign and weight measured for the campaign success .

When finalizing the marketing brief and sending it across for governance approval there should be inclusions of not only the product message, the creative type,  the audience/personas/geo/data files but a supporting document listing which lateral e-vehicles are to be utlised. A pre developed workflow would be utlized to push the documents forward (you can construct a visio workflow doc conforming to your digital marketing organizational strength).

Now assuming you have governance approval for the campaign, begin your inventory and push the docs forward to the e-vehicle arms of your organization. Some e-vehicle operational arms may be outside your organization, however the coordination and timing has to be on the money across the board. This is important so the campaign analytics can reflect the appropriate weight measurements for tracking and trending.     

Item 1: Website Page/s Creation

  • Approved Wireframe or creative
  • Approved CTA placement
  • Approved Anchor text
  • Approved Images
     -If Flash or Ajax – HTML file for Tags & ADA Compliance
  • Alt Tags for the images
  • 4 semantic pieces of the same Web content (included would be the 4 keywords with density)
  • Meta Tags
  • 4 Target Keywords
  • Description
  • Site Map location for Link

…to be continued


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