Integrated digital marketing campaign

A clever integrated digital campaign and one of the most creative and slickest global campaigns built around the World Cup hysteria is underway.

Budwesier, with a dedicated You Tube channel combined with a part reality show built around 32 contestants representing the 32 teams in the World Cup; their musings airing on the You Tube channel as well as their own Facebook and Twitter entries in their native language, giving the campaign a global dimension. As their teams lose, the contestants depart the ‘Bud house’ with the winner presenting the Man of the Match trophy on July 11, 2010.

A great use of Social Media (Bud United Facebook page, You Tube channel and Twitter), Search Engine advertising, TV Commercials and display advertising. The creatives and the campaign is attributed to Omnicom’s DDB and Tribal DDB. Searches for Budweiser have increased by a third, since the inception of this campaign.

The one integrated marketing disconnect I noticed was not mentioning the ‘Bud United’ hype on the Budweiser TV commercials during the games.


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