Social Media, Email and Community Integration

Research has shown, integrating Social Media with Email is increasing email consumption. The use of Ratings and Reviews embeds within email marketing messages take advantage of the natural sharing behavior every human being possesses. This strategy has resulted in higher open rates, click through rates and conversion rates. It has also led to higher social shares.

argeting the promotion influencer datasets extracted from Community Forums and Facebook are hidden jewels who naturally ‘viralize’ the promotion/campaign with an innate natural sharing behavior all of us have. Marketers could best exploit this behavior by inserting a Share this/Share with a friend button on the top of the email and not in the bottom of the email where it remains buried and remains forgotten. The value of influencer datasets company CRM’s already possess is perhaps the least utilized list. These datasets if not already in place, need deserved attention.

Conversely, Facebook pages, Tweets, Community blogs and forums should have a conveniently placed email subscription link encouraging users to sign up. This integrated marketing effort has shown massive dividends by playing the cards marketers already possess.

These multichannel marketing efforts enhance campaigns and leads to a deeper and widening penetration by leveraging existing influencer datasets from existing channels.


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