About S. Ernest Paul

Who is S. Ernest Paul?

S. Ernest Paul
Design thinking


I lie at the nexus of digital strategy, technology, digital, design thinking, marketing, innovation and customer experience. On the other hand – fintech, insurtech innovation are topics which I publish as well on https://www.mindfulness.finance

The Whole Foods version of me’

  • is a design thinker and a minimalist cook
  • has finance, insurance, digital and innovation experience
  • blends digital, social, innovation, finance, culture, marketing & technology with thought leadership, consulting and solutions
  • has a ‘nudge theory’+ behavioral science optimism
  • yearns for transformational, generational digital -centric business solutions
  • solves for ‘why’ then ‘what’ with a multi-dimensional lens
  • owns up to a genD reality
  • is a millennialist and a generation D protagonist
  • is an 8.5 secs ‘purchasing behavior’ note taker, and sapper
  • occasionally comes up for air, in a mindfulness refuge
  • is a writer, author and a social curator
  • is a bridge to brands, FA’s and Generation digital
  • intersects fintech, insurtech, brands, FA’s with generation digital
  • is a financial literacy advocate and an altruist

More about me ? https://www.linkedin.com/in/ernestpaul

Disclaimer: I pen my thoughts, ideas, concepts and opinion freely on this blog. They do not reflect and remain unrelated to my affiliation with any past, present or future employer/client or person/s.