HTML Template recommendations for SEO, by S. Ernest Paul

Update: Google has begun ranking websites higher which have AMP pages (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Please be sure to include an AMP plugin in the HTML page templates. They are to be found within the Web Content Management platforms, Template section. Please reach out to your WCM partner or your internal IT resource. If you have […]

Bridging the CMO-CFO divide

With advances in AI, predictive analytics, distilled big data, customer analytics, web and social analytics, the CMO’s role has evolved and at times been misunderstood. Their outstanding achievements in this new digital, customer- centric, data driven, and ROI centric times has not been easy. Not taking any sides – traditionally, the CMO has been the […]

Microformats fast becoming a must for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketers have begun to leverage the use of microformats. The microformats standard over RDF is becoming the preferred way for integrated digital marketers to work with their IT departments to unlock the secrets of microformats and harness its benefits. What are Microformats? Microformats (μF) convey metadata to search engines in a format which can […]