Massive Google update being rolled out

Google has removed the sandbox for developers and word is, that the caffeine update will initially roll out to one single datacenter and then populate the other datacenters “after the holidays”.

Anyway, my expectation is that the 2 major updates to make the most impact shall be ‘real time news events‘ and ‘twitter updates’. The ‘News‘ and ‘Information‘ categories are going to be very prominent after this next update. Twitter updates will definitely be indexed fast, to show up in Google Search results.

Google’s vulnerability was evident when they could not display real time links during the ‘Iran voting crisis’ earlier this summer. As soon as Bing announced their agreement with Twitter, Google rapidly followed. It appears they are licensing their data feed instead of connecting via the regular public API. Where does Facebook stand in all this?

Additionally, there may be fewer search results displayed – I believe someone may have noticed, most searchers do not go past the first five search results, let alone the first page.

How is Bing compared to Google

There are some initial differences which are slowly becoming apparent.
Before you rush to optimize for Bing, keep in mind the Bing algorithm is still being tweaked however below are some of the early differences I have found.
1. Bing appears to give less priority to Keyword Density.
2. Bing seems to give less priority to Link Denisty as well.
3. For Bing domain age is major (this is one of the early algorithms, since their game has just begun and apparently seem to think the domains which have been around a while are to be trusted. In my opinion, this will change).
4. For Bing Anchor texts carry more weight than Google.
5. Social site links are weighted less by Bing
6. Bing weighs in heavier for the H-Tag

I am personally not going to be optimizing specifically for Bing. It is just good to be aware why the SERPs are the way they are. I am going to watch the battle between these two in the coming months and tweak accordingly. At least for now the battle is being fought with ad dollars not with sparkling search results.